10 reasons why you won’t forget Christmas holidays in Venezuela

1.Meet, Eat, Drink, Repeat

Even though Venezuelan are going through a rough time, when it comes to food and drinks, there is no holding back…

Food christmaspostre navidadbebida

Mejor que sobre a que falte…

2. December’s syndrome  

The rules are simple:

  1. Less work, more fun
  2. The more excuses, the better
  3. Whatever you didn’t do through the whole year, you won’t finish it now

echando carro

Diciembre: pura echadera de carro!

3. Fireworks everywhere

Although selling fireworks is illegal, Venezuelans just don’t care. Kiosks in every corner will have an unimaginable repertoire of fireworks. From the most simple to the most noisy, for every age, and every taste. We not only have fireworks on the 25th or 1st… We have spectacular shows everyday and everywhere.

fuegos banner copy


All day today, all night tonight 

4. “When I go to Maracaibo and start crossing the bridge”music-512 Gaitas

Forget about jingles bells, jingles bells, Venezuelan gaitas are everything we listen, sing, and dance to during this time of the year. We use gaitas to express in a joyful way, our complains about everything.

gaitasbanner copy
baile gaitas copy

5. money begging christmas piggy

A piggy bank that seems to chase you during all December asking for more and more money

cochino 2 copy cochino1 copy

y pa’l cochino?

6. Our “cold” season

Even though, we still are at  15°C (60°F), for us it feels like it could start snowing at any time.


LLegó el Pacheco

7. The catchiest christmas TV commercial: Plumrose 

We may not have had plumrose on our tables, but the commercial was always there

Ven, comparte y disfruta… Navidad con plumrose

8. Against the blackouts

Electrical power sucks, but still lights are everywhere

Venezuela_-_Caracas_-_Plaza_Altamira_Navidad_2011Untitled-11 copy

9. From the most simple to the most elaborated: Nativity

And of course, we can not miss the midnight mass.

10. Holiday Greetings on tv

When we had more than 2 national TV channels, every year was a show off of the best and funniest actors, hottest girls, and best music.

felices fiestAS

This is me…

In spite of all the economical, political, and social problems that Venezuelans face in their every day, we are passionate about christmas. I will dare to say that spending christmas away from our country brings nostalgia, and huge desires of being home with people we love the most: family and friends.

Even though christmas seems to be all about presents, decoration, and party every day; for us it is much more than that. Christmas is the best excuse to get together with our loved ones, and reunite with friends and family. It’s the perfect time when we think about the year that’s ending, and all we are thankful for. And filled with hope, we set our goals for the year to come.

My wish this Christmas is for a better country. As I said in a previous post, I wish for the safe Venezuela that my parents used to know and that we all want back; in which we all can share our christmas dinner sitting together at the same table.

unnamed (1)

Katy Da Silva

P.S. Para ti abuelito, siempre en mi corazón.

Collaboration: Andrea Pereira & Ale Lossada

10 reasons why you won’t forget Christmas holidays in Venezuela