The “How to Date Venezuelan Women” Survival Guide

The 2 sides of Venezuelan women

I’ve seen my girlfriends and myself in situations where we actually miss Venezuelan guys, and the way they flirt and approach us. You realize how it feels like being misunderstood by them, doesn’t even compare with how you feel with guys from other countries. The truth is that it’s not guys’ fault, as we all know, latinas, in general, are complicated women.

Here are some tips to make our lives easier by helping guys understand one of the most beautiful women in the world:

1. I’d Rather be dead than ordinary

What seems casual to us, is fancy to others. We like to take care of ourselves and look nice on a daily basis. We take our time to get ready, and that’s the reason why we are, most of the time, late.

2. “I’m on my way” means “I’m getting in the shower”

When we text/call and say that, we are just checking how much time we have left to get ready.

3. We love compliments

We like and need to hear how pretty we look that day… after all, we spent a lot of time getting ready, in order to look beautiful for the occasion. Forget about cliches or soap opera kind of quotes… keep it simple and honest.

4. We love to dance, so if you don’t dance, you have two options:

  1. Learn some moves.
  2. Make us believe you do, and we’ll appreciate the effort.

Otherwise, you’ll know what Bruno Mars meant when he sang “Now my baby’s dancing, but she’s dancing with another man”.

5. Attention to detail is not only useful at work.

We like flowers, chocolates, small details or gifts that show you care.

6. We LIKE & DEMAND attention… Yes, ATTENTION please!

This point is kind of tricky, if we don’t like you, and you give us a lot of attention, we’ll consider you an obsessive stalker. But if we do like you… You’re the sweetest guy on earth. So, the balance only depends on our interest in you. Text messages in the morning or before going to bed are a good way to start.

Remember: cute is good.. over the top cheesy.. not so much.

7. Don’t be cheap… and this has nothing to do with money, just a way of being

Go that extra mile, make an effort, that means walk us home, give us your sweater if we are cold, cook us dinner and light up some candles, take us to the beach, or to a picnic… and if you are struggling with money, be more creative, it is not how much money you do spend on us, but how special you can make us feel with little details.

8. You’ve heard of arepas…and, of course, you want to try it.

If you look at a Venezuelan cultural profile, the first thing you will find is that we are REALLY proud of our heritage. For example, we love our cuisine, and of course arepas are our #1 breakfast, so you better know that. We love people who want to know more about our country, our culture, and our food.. and whenever you try arepas NEVER COMPARE IT TO A MEXICAN TORTILLA. Thanks!

Bonus points: ask questions related to arepas’ preparation.. you never know, maybe, you’ll get an invitation to try some.

9. Be nice to our friends, if you don’t like my friends, we will have a problem.

Face it: friends are family, if we love them, you better be nice to them.

10. Where’s the party?.. doesn’t matter, we are IN.

Forget about chilling on weekends. Good music, alcohol, and friends are always part of the plan. So it’s common to have social events every weekend.

Note: if we invite you to meet our friends or family, don’t freak out, that doesn’t mean we want to marry you; we just love spending time with a lot of people.

11. We are intense, dramatic and loud. Either you love us, or you hate us. And most people love us…so, embrace it

Ok, maybe that’s too much, but we have our days. Although we can have our drama queen moments, we are not into pushy guys.

12. Sense of humor is part of our every day

Everything is a joke to us… we are happy people… don’t get offended. We like to make fun of everything, and everyone. So don’t get mad if some jokes are about you, that probably means we like you.

13. Have you ever heard of a Cuaima?

Check this out:

Enough said.

14. AGAIN, we like to be spoiled. Dates on special occasions are a must.

Remember anniversaries, birthdays, first dates, first kisses… Most of us tend to have good memory of these kind of events and it’s difficult for us to understand that if you care for us, you forget about it.

This is me…

Although not all Venezuelans are the same, and we don’t like people to generalize about us, I believe these tips could help understand and have an overview of Venezuelan women. In the end, we want to have fun and maybe fall deeply in love with someone who treats us like princesses. I know it’s hard at the beginning to get to know us, but we are full of love, and we have a lot to give.

If you think I am missing something important, please let me know in a comment 🙂

Katy Da Silva

Collaboration: Ale Lossada & Vanessa Egui

The “How to Date Venezuelan Women” Survival Guide