The “How to Date Venezuelan Women” Survival Guide

The 2 sides of Venezuelan women

I’ve seen my girlfriends and myself in situations where we actually miss Venezuelan guys, and the way they flirt and approach us. You realize how it feels like being misunderstood by them, doesn’t even compare with how you feel with guys from other countries. The truth is that it’s not guys’ fault, as we all know, latinas, in general, are complicated women.

Here are some tips to make our lives easier by helping guys understand one of the most beautiful women in the world:

1. I’d Rather be dead than ordinary

What seems casual to us, is fancy to others. We like to take care of ourselves and look nice on a daily basis. We take our time to get ready, and that’s the reason why we are, most of the time, late.

2. “I’m on my way” means “I’m getting in the shower”

When we text/call and say that, we are just checking how much time we have left to get ready.

3. We love compliments

We like and need to hear how pretty we look that day… after all, we spent a lot of time getting ready, in order to look beautiful for the occasion. Forget about cliches or soap opera kind of quotes… keep it simple and honest.

4. We love to dance, so if you don’t dance, you have two options:

  1. Learn some moves.
  2. Make us believe you do, and we’ll appreciate the effort.

Otherwise, you’ll know what Bruno Mars meant when he sang “Now my baby’s dancing, but she’s dancing with another man”.

5. Attention to detail is not only useful at work.

We like flowers, chocolates, small details or gifts that show you care.

6. We LIKE & DEMAND attention… Yes, ATTENTION please!

This point is kind of tricky, if we don’t like you, and you give us a lot of attention, we’ll consider you an obsessive stalker. But if we do like you… You’re the sweetest guy on earth. So, the balance only depends on our interest in you. Text messages in the morning or before going to bed are a good way to start.

Remember: cute is good.. over the top cheesy.. not so much.

7. Don’t be cheap… and this has nothing to do with money, just a way of being

Go that extra mile, make an effort, that means walk us home, give us your sweater if we are cold, cook us dinner and light up some candles, take us to the beach, or to a picnic… and if you are struggling with money, be more creative, it is not how much money you do spend on us, but how special you can make us feel with little details.

8. You’ve heard of arepas…and, of course, you want to try it.

If you look at a Venezuelan cultural profile, the first thing you will find is that we are REALLY proud of our heritage. For example, we love our cuisine, and of course arepas are our #1 breakfast, so you better know that. We love people who want to know more about our country, our culture, and our food.. and whenever you try arepas NEVER COMPARE IT TO A MEXICAN TORTILLA. Thanks!

Bonus points: ask questions related to arepas’ preparation.. you never know, maybe, you’ll get an invitation to try some.

9. Be nice to our friends, if you don’t like my friends, we will have a problem.

Face it: friends are family, if we love them, you better be nice to them.

10. Where’s the party?.. doesn’t matter, we are IN.

Forget about chilling on weekends. Good music, alcohol, and friends are always part of the plan. So it’s common to have social events every weekend.

Note: if we invite you to meet our friends or family, don’t freak out, that doesn’t mean we want to marry you; we just love spending time with a lot of people.

11. We are intense, dramatic and loud. Either you love us, or you hate us. And most people love us…so, embrace it

Ok, maybe that’s too much, but we have our days. Although we can have our drama queen moments, we are not into pushy guys.

12. Sense of humor is part of our every day

Everything is a joke to us… we are happy people… don’t get offended. We like to make fun of everything, and everyone. So don’t get mad if some jokes are about you, that probably means we like you.

13. Have you ever heard of a Cuaima?

Check this out:

Enough said.

14. AGAIN, we like to be spoiled. Dates on special occasions are a must.

Remember anniversaries, birthdays, first dates, first kisses… Most of us tend to have good memory of these kind of events and it’s difficult for us to understand that if you care for us, you forget about it.

This is me…

Although not all Venezuelans are the same, and we don’t like people to generalize about us, I believe these tips could help understand and have an overview of Venezuelan women. In the end, we want to have fun and maybe fall deeply in love with someone who treats us like princesses. I know it’s hard at the beginning to get to know us, but we are full of love, and we have a lot to give.

If you think I am missing something important, please let me know in a comment 🙂

Katy Da Silva

Collaboration: Ale Lossada & Vanessa Egui

The “How to Date Venezuelan Women” Survival Guide

86 thoughts on “The “How to Date Venezuelan Women” Survival Guide

  1. SaynoToCUAIMAS says:

    Common girl. Not all venezuelans are like that, specially the ones who work hard and understand NOT EVERYTHING has to be done by the guy. There’s women who like to also pamper his man back. Also, we do want to look pretty but not to the point that’s everything we have to give to a man, read some books and fill your brains with beauty.

    pd: fuck cuaimas.

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      1. I would like to hear what are you giiving back in return of everything you are asking for…Venezuelan women are always saying what they need, never ever what they have to fulfill the expectations the mate may have…just so selfish and self centered…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. biosnap says:

        hey, what was that? “haters gonna hate”? Can’t you get criticism?, so don’t write a public blog saying things that involves a Nationality and a Gender expecting everybody would like it. There is nothing in your blog that says you’re a comedian or that you are a satirist, actually you are serious at the end like really believing this can be a guide to help people knowing the venezuelan women in their lives (No: saying “not all venezuelan women” but pretending 90% are like you say, is just manipulative or a least naive) … And what about your quote “as we all know, latinas, in general, are complicated women.” wtf !? where do you get your world views from? Novelas or Modern Family’s Gloria? I hope NONE of my friends check out this article ever, I would be embarrassed to clarify that not me, nor my sisters are like this caricature of Novela’s character and that is just a bunch of silly stereotypes SOME venezuelan ladies hold as true (like an eternal adolescent or beauty contest pageant)… no I am not a hater, and I don’t buy your “it’s humor” excuse, own the criticism with class…

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    1. Sayyestocuaimas says:

      As the title clearly mentions this is what girls expect from a guy, but does not state anything regarding what we give back. Which I must say is a good idea for next posts, thanks for your comment. 🙂

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      1. Rommys Beltran says:

        I’m a Venezuelan-American woman and you have described us to the dot. Congratulations! I’m giving this to my husband to read it is awesome. You have made me laugh so hard. Don’t listen, neither answer to people who envy successful woman.
        I love the article. You have another fan!
        Keep the great work!!



  2. Mike says:

    True… but i seriously think girls need to become simplier… we don’t care about half of those things, we just want you to be authentic, to be a great companion, not to dress up like you’re competing with any other girl around. If we want you, it would be because of the way we feel when we are around you, and that is neither produced nor measured by any of those things you described. 🙂

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    1. Vanessa Egui says:

      Hi Mike, I’m very glad that you mention it, like I said “Not all human beings are equal”. Believe me there’re some guys that are more complicated than women lol but it’s just nature. The point here is to laugh about how simple we are and how complicated we THINK we are.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Soraya says:

      I agree with Mike. I am Venezuelan and I don’t identify with this stereotype of venezuelan women. Being authentic, genuinely caring for your loves ones and family oriented are more of the values that I aim as a person. All these dysfunctional weight in the looks and beauty have been created and celebrated is shallow and meaningless. Loudness and boisterous people are a turn off for me..

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  3. Curtis says:

    That’s so boring and stupid. I am 100% venezuelan and it is not like that, attention, attention, attention, spoiled blah blah blah. This is so superficial, I cam’t believe someone wrote this.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Martha says:

      The fact that you made a comment instead of ignoring the blog and ranted about it as if it were somehow offensive but without using intelligent argumentation, shows that you actually wanted attention and that you are a little “pc”-spoiled brat 🙂


    2. Curtis, si de verdad fueras 100% venezolano te reirías de las locuras que de una manera tan brillante escribió la autora!:)
      Es más, los venezolanos no se expresan como tu! Los hombres venezolanos son respetuosos con las mujeres y muchos han sido exitosos, dentro y fuera del país, oyendo diferentes opiniones e ideas. Si no te gusta lo que lees, expresa tu punto de vista sin ofensas… o cambia de canal.

      Por mi parte, felicito a la autora por este excelente blog! Ya está en Twitter y FB.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lo siento, pero estás en internet. Él tiene derecho a dar su opinión al igual que tú tienes derecho a insultarlo. No me parece que esté siendo irrespetuoso, el artículo es terrible, no por su redacción, si no por la realidad que muestra. La mayoría de las jóvenes venezolanas son personas vacías, que no tienen nada interesante que aportar a una conversación, que sólo buscan atención de los demás (otros además de su pareja), que nunca se conforman a pesar de no aportar nada, que tienen el autoestima muy baja, que no consiguen su lugar en la sociedad y sobre todas las cosas creen tener siempre la razón. Esta es mi experiencia propia, si la tuya es distinta me alegro por ti, pero mi experiencia es real, al igual que mi opinión. PD: Cuando digo la mayoría estoy generalizando porque pienso que es justo hacerlo, pero si hay muy buenas mujeres jóvenes venezolanas, aunque sean minoría.


  4. Aurora says:

    I think it’s important to say that we always look put together but not “done up” a lot of Venezuelan girls don’t wear makeup or do their hair every day, but they still look beautiful no matter what

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  5. Paul says:

    this is the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen in a long time.. first, girls in all the countries are the same and I disagree on the point in which u say friend are that much important.. they’re but not that much to put ur relationship at risk..And the arepa is the best lo mejor osea Fuck mexico ok? by the way Am Venezuelan and I’ve been married twice, once with a dutch and second with an American , so the thing is , where are the pretty smart girls in this country? is it all about money? don’t fucking lie..To Venezuelans is it all about the money..


    1. Amanda says:

      Hey Paul!
      A couple things:
      1. I really don’t think you have that good of an instinct when it comes to women; what with your being divorced twice and all.
      2. Not all girls in the same room are the same, let alone in a country. Cultural diversity marks an individual’s development.
      3. Friends can become family, specially for people that live abroad. Sometimes, relationships that have not flourished aren’t that good of a reason to toss away our friends, don’t you think?

      Liked by 2 people

    1. spreadthelove says:

      I’m sure dating colombians is awesome as well. Lets unite the worlds not segregate it, no one is better or worse than any one here 🙂


    2. I have to agree, there are some beautiful examples of women doing incredible things, ladies that you could die for and be happy doing it. But most Venezuelan women just care about social status (yes, sifrinería) just look at this list, it describes a terrible partner in life.


  6. From the 80's says:

    How to date a Venezuelan Woman in USA in 2015? It wouldl really help if this is the purpose f this article. This survival guide should include real life issues taking in consideration the context. Aspects like venezuelan women culture, education, finance, health, lifestyle, state of mind. This guide describes more a venezuelan woman living in Venezuela in the 80’s and that is not real. Just an opinion.


  7. Genesis says:

    I believe all points in this post are 100% accurate. This is very general and to be honest pretty much all Venezuelan women are the same according to only these points listed.

    I personally loved the whole post, i think it was very well written without putting any other country down or making us look better than any other women.

    I think everyone was offended by the point where the writer talks about the money. Yes it is true that Venezuelan women care about the look and social status and some care a lot about the money (that is just something you can find everywhere in any country). The writer really nailed it saying that money isnt everything and that if a guy doesnt have all the money in the world and he really likes you he should find a way to show you that.

    I could list so many things in here saying why i strongly agree with these post but either way people will always find negative things to say!
    So if you are Venezuelan and you were well educated at home with good values i will tell you this “sino tienes nada bueno que decir, no digas nada” and let others have fun and feel identified with this article.

    I am not superficial, yes i am a bit Sifrina and let my Sifrinerias come out here and there sometimes but i am very pana and very proud to be a Venezuelan even if we have our flaws!

    So stop spoiling this post people!

    Para la escritora quiero decir que me encanto y lo compartire en facebook porque a donde quiera que voy siempre las venezolanas (como otras latinas tambien) destacamos con nuestra gracia, belleza y personalidad! ❤

    Ps: Si por favor que no confundan nuestras Arepitas rico puerto rico con las gorditas mexicanas, siempre peleo con mi novio que es mexicano por esto jaja pero como le encantan y ya me dice siempre "me haces unas arepitas?"

    Saludos y bendiciones para todos!

    Cheers ❤

    Liked by 3 people

  8. Vanna says:

    Reí a más no poder! … I’m on my way and I’m just getting in the shower, so typical me! Always late, always “jeez we told you it was casual” haha 😀
    Can’t wait to show this to my BF later today, he’d probably agree on everything too! After being married to a Venezuelan for almost 10 years not being a Cuaima It’s tough, but I try, I really do! 😇
    Some White girls are Cuaima’s too, specially in the south so I’m glad my BF is my southern ssweetheart and he puts up with me!❤

    Liked by 2 people

  9. I am aware that the post is supposed to be humorous, and some of the points are spot on, but I feel that it says something about how the Venezuelan mentality is so far behind and how sexism is still prominent in our country.
    Take for instance º11, it says girls can be intense, dramatic and loud, but they don’t like pushy guys. It’s probably too judgemental from me to say this based on just a few sentences, but I see this quite often here in Venezuela and I find it really annoying; the role guys are expected to assume is to put up with things, be “really special” and prove yourself worthy of the princess’ attention. Why should guys hold up to these standarts? Why should the male prove himself to something? I find that these actions and characteristics from some of the women help preserve the labeling of their genre as “passive” and make up for a male-dominated society.
    Maybe I’m making a big drama, but I believe most people don’t realize this.


  10. VenezuelanAndProud! says:

    This is hilarious!!!
    Se lo leí a mi hermana y reimos a carcajadas jajajaaj.
    Considero q está muy bien escrito, es conciso y tiene parte de verdad y algunas exageraciones q lo hacen más gracioso aún.

    Entiendo q haya gente q se lo tome muy a pecho y q no comparta la idea de Katy, pero tampoco para bombardear con negativismos no?

    Anyways, well written Katy! In my opinion, accurate and funny, a little bit amplified, but with our sense of humour my sister and I did Laugh Out Loud!

    I will definetely read it to my BF.

    Thanks Katy!

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Aymara de Guayoyo.Today says:

    Genial!!! No sabes cómo me ayudaste. Cambiaste mi relación con un gringo, de buena a mejor! Además me reí a carcajadas. Gracias infinitas
    Pdta: me gustaría entrevistarte para mi blog y también compartir este artículo en mi blog, si tú me lo permites


  12. paulo says:

    soy venezolano y esto puede ser la verga mas basura que he leido en mi vida. en vez de escribir toda esa paja pudiste haber escrito “consientanme que soy malcriada”


  13. Claudia says:

    Buenisimooooo jajjajajajajajajajjajajajaja 😂😂😂 this is ABSOLUTELY true and whoever says it isn’t is lying or just won’t embrace it! Aplausos!!! 20 puntos.

    Liked by 2 people

  14. Jorge says:

    Aaaaand this giant pile of bs is why some of my countrymen (including myself) prefer foreign ladies. A girl who dumps a guy for not dancing is not worth the try. Plus, asuming this is all true (my sisters and many of my friends are not like that) who would want to date someone this selfish, dramatic, materialistic and full of herself? I am married with an european girl, and I have to say: boté mi vida (28 años) en Caracas.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. kn says:

      Honestly, your comment it’s rude and you don’t even know all venezuelan woman, to say that. And with the dance part, is just a saying, i mean we do love a guy that dances but if he doesn’t, that doesn’t mean we won’t date him, if that happen to you, it says you really don’t know how to choose a girl. Moreover, i have met amazing woman from Venezuela, as well from other countries, so you really should talk shit about us, especially because you are talking about women in your family as well.
      PS: some European man rather have venezuelan as a wive, so i guess is a matter of perspective.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. La Reina says:

    Katy appreciated.! I join the voices of encourage you to persevere in your work, because at this stage of life, the real contribution is given in the sustained and consistent exercise creativity. My sincere congratulations on this interesting work.! Absolutely Colombian proud to be your sister.! A hug and continues to reap success as a result of your intelligence, effort and dedication.!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. PASCAL says:



  16. Claudia Norcisa says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head. I agree we are not all the same way, but for the most part you are on point. I think all women should have high expectations like we do. My husband is Cuban, and he knows… We may not be easy, but we are worth it!

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  17. Antonio says:

    Girls this is an amazing article that describes you generally, I liked a lot. I’m not agree that Venezuela’s women like to pamper back.
    Additionally, venezuelan’s women are cuaima by nature we faced already and we men enjoy that. Let’s faced woman who doesn’t complaint is a man.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Antonio says:

    Por cierto no tiene nada de exagerado das en el punto. Mi esposa se rió y lo disfrutamos mucho. Obviamente el 15 %de las restantes no son así, BTW mi hija de 11 dice eso: “Primero muerta que sencilla”.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. John says:

    This is the most accurate description of not only Venezuelans but Latin women. They are all the same. You marry her? You marry her entire family. Fellas, don’t EVER go for a Latina, it’s not worth the body or the plastic personality. They get dressed “nicely” but that only means they dress up like whores. Long heels, straight hair, cleavage, it’s all the same really. They’re all sluts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Did an animal give birth to you? Because I can’t accept that a “man” could express himself like that about women (Latina or not, we deserve respect just like your mother). It’s obvious that you did not have good luck with whatever relationship with Latina and I guess it’s because you to busy being such an asshole. Venezuelans and the rest of Latinas straight hair or not, are loving, caring, intelligent and hard working women, reasons why we are notice. Get over you frustration..Asshole.
      BTW: We also married to our husband’s entire family.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. sanchezthais says:

    Qué Venezolana más linda e inteligente Katherine, nadie se imagina el talento, el esfuerzo y el trabajo que hay detrás de un divertido post como este. Además de todo lo que dices, la mujer venezolana es trabajadora, luchadora, bella, inteligente…y para muestra un botón. Éxitos Katherine.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. LuisAlejandroTovar says:

    I’m a Venezuelan guy and I even felt related to some of those things like the one with arepas, I eat one arepa every morning sometimes as dinner and I’ve never gotten tired of them and I never will. Also that we take everything as joke and never get offended. Very good post!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Nana says:

    Como maracucha viviendo en Holanda trabajando para una compania muy holandesa … te digo mucho de esto aplica jejejejee fue genial leer tu post! Muchisimas gracias y felicidades! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  23. Johanna Duran says:

    Sencillamente brillante. Realmente no todas somos iguales pero la descripción no pudo ser más real. No entiendo porque algunas personas se ofenden, que tiene de malo ser coquetas y querernos ver bien todo el tiempo, que tiene de malo amar nuestra comida, a nuestros amigos y familiares. Que hay de malo en valorarnos y ser seguras de nosotras mismas. Todo eso es un plus que complementa que somos mujeres inteligentes, trabajadoras, madres y que además de todo nos calzamos unos tacones y nos ponemos una sonrisa todos los días. Un ejemplo es este artículo, brillante, simpático, simple, polémico y veraz. Felicito a la autora! Hilarious!!! Venezuelan women’s rocks.

    Liked by 3 people

  24. María Cotufa says:

    There is another definition which should be looked up in a venezurlan urban dictionary. It is: cotufa (no, not popcorn).This kind of person will most likely identify him/herself with this post.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. Michael says:

    I’ve been seeing a Ven woman for about a year, serious for about the last 6 months. She sent me this article and to be honest, from what Ive done and experienced with her, one would think that I read this article prior to meeting her. Im a big fan of teasing each other, I’ve sent her links when a Ven restaurant opened up near us. Ive stopped at street fest and was like “look! they have arrapas! lets get one. It came and it wasn’t hot and i could see on her face that it was a disappointment. So, I went back and asked them to throw it back on the fire for little bit…

    The jealously, is spot on! But also cute! Shortly after reading this I told her not to tell me that something makes her jealous and to instead say “Cuaima”…

    I love to compliment her and she deserves every bit of it! I will admit that I can be a bit “cheesy” at times but she still seems to enjoy it but sometimes asks if it’s how I really feel…

    All in all, my absolute favorite trait is the playfulness… Her drop dead beauty is a very close second.

    And now Im wondering if she will see this… lol


  26. M. Gerri Gumá says:

    I love love love this! Humerously accurate, especially #1!!!!
    I thought Cuaimas were the Latin women ( specifically Venezuelan and Colombian) that steal husbands and boyfriends in order to upgrade and be able to continue working out daily and not get a job? I swear I did. I’ve been in the U.S. for too long!

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Dave McFarland says:

    After reading your article, my friends and I have decided to stay very far away from women in Venezuela. We thank you for the warning ahead of time.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Tiggi66 says:

    Venezuelan women are incredible. Putting aside their stunning looks for a moment, there is so much more that is attractive about them. Venezuelan woman are highly intelligent and very clued up about politics, sport, life and a myriad of other subjects. Whatever you do, do not try to wing it if you want to impress one of these beautiful women. She will know if you try to bluff your way through. Another great quality is their sense of humour. Venezuelan woman live to enjoy themselves and a well developed sense of humour goes a long way in winning the hearts of these vivacious ladies. These lovely latino ladies are larger than life. They are not for you if you are introverted, too serious or want a quiet life. To know them is to love them. And once lady from this country has made an impression upon your heart the world will never be the same again


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